Some Viable Crutches For 5-Year-Old

It might be frustrating for any parent to face his or her kid’s recovery that includes using a walking aid, including crutches. However, no matter how big your panic is right now, you should suppress it at once. As you are the one, who’s supposed to provide the primary support for your child, following by the physical support of the crutches.

Emotional Condition

Moreover, never forget that your kid has been experiencing lots of pressure, stress and at some point, sadness, about being “disabled” of moving, playing, walking around the playground as before. This is why you need to approach the situation wisely.

Keep in mind that your kid has been suffering not only from specific real pain because of the trauma, the post-intervention or post-treatment side effects, as well as the recovery trauma, but also from emotional ache.

This emotional condition must be on mandatory taken under consideration when it comes to both: providing the necessary support to your kid and choosing the right crutches for the whole process.

iWALK2.0 Hands-Free Knee Crutch by iWALKFree-Hands free / Pain free total mobility;
-Inexpensive and affordable;
-Height adjustment
HEIGHT – if you are between 5’1” (155cm) and 6’2” (185.5cm), then there’s a 99% chance that iWALK will fit you. If you are shorter or taller, you must consult the leg length chart at left.
WEIGHT – Maximum weight is 275 pounds (125 kg)
THIGH SIZE – Maximum thigh circumference, measured at the top of the leg, is 28 inches (71cm)
New Ergobaum 3G Junior Shock Absorber Crutches (Users 3'9'' to 5'-Blue)-Safety light reflectors;
-Retractable leg-rest platforms;
- Fully adjustable positioning and height calibration;
-Ergonomic grip handle;
- Shock Absorber Patented Technology
Height - between 3’9” and 5” ;
Weight - Supports up to 250 lbs.
Millennial Medical In-Motion Pro Ergonomic Folding Crutch-Spring Assist Technology;
-Articulating Crutch Tips;
-Ergonomic Handles;
-Folding Capability;
Fits users approximately 55'' to 67'' (4’6” – 5’7”)

Height from floor to underarm cradle: 42.5'' to 50.5'' (with 9 height adjustments)

Handle adjusts from 11.5'' to 16'' below cradle (with 4 different positions)

Such a difficult situation might become even more frustrating when it comes to a little kid of an age of 5 years old. At one hand, it’s a totally grown-up person, who understand everything, but on the other side, it’s a kid, who still a kid anyway with his or her own needs to be movable all the day long.

Important Factors

When it comes to selecting the right crutches for your 5-year old kid, you need to keep in mind two important factors above everything else.

First of all, it’s the comfortableness factor. No matter how strong kids are, crutches might represent a challenge they would remember for life. Try to make this memory as less horrible as possible.

Second of all, do not even try to underestimate the emotional side of the question. In other words, the kid should on mandatory literally like the crutches. Sounds like a mission impossible? It does sound like that, but it is not exactly impossible…


You need to choose bright, cheerful and literally cool crutches your kid is going to love. The bright side of the situation is that today’s modern market of walking aids provides a big range of decent models that meet all of these requirements.

Speaking of which, the following viable crutches for a 5-year old kid are amazing options you should definitely consider. Apart from all your doctor’s recommendations and prescriptions, these models might be the saviors for your kid’s emotional and physical recovery of the experienced trauma.

So let’s meet these great alternatives for appropriate, cheerful and comfortable crutches a 5-year old child would appreciate, no doubts!

iWALK2.0 Hands-Free Knee Crutch by iWALKFree

Also known as the most beneficial and innovative alternative for Crutches and Knee Scooters, this literally miracle-like iWALKFree product is the ideal cool thing your kid not only will want to use but will eventually love for many reasons.

The iWALK2.0 Hands-Free Knee Crutch is literally a revolutionary model for crutches, which lets the kid use them without using any hands or experiencing any pain.

That’s actually possible. Thanks to its amazing original construction, the walking aids serve the role of crutches but isn’t exactly a traditional pair of crutches as it gives amazing functional independence no other crutches can offer (neither other walking aids can).

Nominated with the determination by scientists of all over the world as the revolutionary future of mobility, iWALK2.0 Hands-Free Knee Crutch by iWALKFree is adjusted to be used below the knee non-weight bearing injuries. On the other side, these crutches limit the kid’s standard lifestyle and daily routine to the minimum.

There’s no need to miss the fun in the kid’s outdoor playground or skip the regular walk with the family in the words. It’s now possible to perform all of these entertainments, even though in a slower mood, thanks to iWALK2.0 Hands-Free Knee Crutch by iWALKFree.

New Ergobaum 3G Junior Shock Absorber Crutches (Users 3’9” to 5′-Blue)

Ergobaum is one of the most innovative, fast-progressive and customer-friendly walking aid manufacturer. The company has a specially tailored department that is focused on revolutionary technologies and their adoption in providing crutches for kids.

As a result of the hard work this department has shown through the years, New Ergobaum 3G Junior Shock Absorber Crutches have come to meet the most pretentious parents’ requirements for top quality.

We love this model of kid’s crutches, because it doesn’t only suit any normal 5-years old kid’s demands for a normal life, but also because it provides 100% safety and fast rehabilitation process.

And that’s rehabilitation is going to be as fun as any other day of your kid’s life used to be. Thanks to the extra comfortable ergonomic structure and the big set of special convenience settings and extras, New Ergobaum 3G Junior Shock Absorber Crutches (Users 3’9” to 5′-Blue) is a top choice to make.

These crutches are amazing are designed by a real kid’s surgeon, who knows what a 5-years old patient would need. Being totally adjustable comes with a new patented proven technology makes every next move easier and smoother to cheer up a kid’s spirit at once.

The unique Shock Absorbers reduce the impact and remove any sign of pain or a risk of it. Coming with Ergoactive’s Spring Loaded Shock Absorber Patented Technology, the Ergobaum 3G Junior Shock Absorber Crutches also reduce the impact with the ground, while the Built-In Knee Rest Platform offers a fantastic rate of comfortableness any kid would need.

Millennial Medical In-Motion Pro Ergonomic Folding Crutch

We are going to end our list of the top viable crutches for the 5-year old patient with a model that has been non-officially announced to be the best model for kids for the last year.

Millennial Medical In-Motion Pro Ergonomic Folding Crutch is indeed the hottest choice for lots of therapists, kid’s doctors and surgeons. And now you are going to find out why…

Millennial Medical In-Motion Pro Ergonomic Folding Crutch is a great option for your 5-year old recovering child for many reasons. First of all, the integrated Spring Assist Technology provides the fast absorption of the impact from any move which lets your kid invest energy to aid each next movement.

Second of all, the model has a great ergonomic structure and modern design of the grips that in a combo let the hands and wrists in their natural position aiming to remove wrist pain and nerve damage.

On the other side, the innovative folding feature let the kids circulate their crutches in and out of use without changing any height adjustments.

Durable, practical to be maintained in top condition, as well as offered at a reasonable price considering its highest quality, Millennial Medical In-Motion Pro Ergonomic Folding Crutch is the top model for kid’s crutches of the entire millennium up to now…


Whether you are going to buy crutches for your own 5-year old kid right now, or you have been looking for the right option for the last couple of months, remember one very important thing: sometimes, even the best model of walking aid cannot compare to the love and support a caring parent can offer for his or her recovering child. Don’t forget that and stay as cheerful as possible to “infect” your stressed child with positivism while using crutches!

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