Best Crutches For Knee Surgery

If only that fearful and risky surgery would have been enough struggle for a patient to get recovered after a trauma. Unfortunately, though, after knee surgery, it’s totally impossible for him or her to immediately get up from the operating table to go home at a quick pace. Normally, such surgery requires a long-lasting recovery period that includes wearing crutches, as well.

Models and Designs

Yet, those of you who have experienced any type of a knee surgery must be aware of the fact that the right crutches for knee surgery might not be the generally the best crutches on market at all.

Hugo Mobility Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum CrutchesLighter than wood;
Designed with internal ribbing and reinforced ends that reduce pressure and underarm fatigue
Height - 5'2" - 5'10" Adjustable.
Weight - Supports users up to 300 lbs.
Cardinal Health Adjustable Auxiliary CrutchA great modern model;
Foam rubber padding;
A push-button style adjustment
Height – 62-70 in
Weight – support maximum weight of 300 pounds
Carex Folding CrutchesA convenient folding system;
Height adjusts easily;
Lighter than wood
Height - 4’11” to 6’4”.
Weight - Supports up to 250 lbs.
Push Button Aluminum Crutches By Wes Care SupplyAluminum lightweight;
non-slip rubber tips;
A push-button height adjustment
Height - 5' 2 inch - 5' 9 inch
Weight - supports up to 250 lbs
Medline Aluminum Forearm Adult CrutchesTotally silent usage;
Internal bushings and external lock nuts;
the tapered, vinyl-Coated, contoured arm cuffs
Height - 5'10"-6'6"
Weight -support users up to 250 lbs

With the big abundance of models and designs, some crutches are made for long-lasting or even forever usage, while others are more recommended for the recovery period. In this case, as a recovering patient after such an intervention, you must look for the right pairs of crutches for knee surgery.


On the other side, here’s some good news for you. These days, generally, all the standard surgical procedures that include interventions of the crescent-shaped, fibrous knee joint cartilage called the meniscus are approached with tiny incisions, cameras, and instruments.

Faster Recovery

This is why the entire recovery period of time is in most cases quite shorter than for the once more common open-knee surgeries. In most cases, it takes about a month to wear the crutches in order to fully recover in a way to be ready to step right on your feet without the necessity to be supported by any special medical instrument.


It’s a good thing to know that alongside with the crutches as the most important part of your post-surgery knee recovery you might also try some exercises that strengthen the leg muscles or the full motion of the knee, as well as to return to a normal activity level gradually, including with standard fitness routines in case you used to be a permanent visitor in the gym.


What are the standard requirements for the right crutches for knee surgery?

Of course, they must be durable, stable, comfortable and lightweight enough. But these are only the standard requirements for crutches in general. When it comes to recovery after knee surgery, the best crutches for knee surgery are also:

  • Provided with thick padding that ensures maximum comfort during the exploitation.
  • Adjustable enough for any body structure and posture modification after the surgery.
  • Possible to be worn for a long-lasting period in case there’s some delay in the recovery or complications after the intervention.

Hot Pick-Ups

Here are our hot pick-ups for the best crutches for knee surgery.

Now, let’s try to simplify you even more by offering you our specially tailored list with the best crutches for knee surgery. Among our suggestions, you will find good enough alternatives that balance quality and budget-friendly price in a great way. Do not hesitate to review them all with us in the following lines and later, to discuss each model with your therapist.

Hugo Mobility Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Crutches

This is a fantastic alternative for your post-surgery knee recovery as the crutches are made of lightweight anodized aluminum. However, don’t think these truly light crutches (and you will feel the lightness as soon as you lift them in the store, by the way) are too fragile or something like that.

As a matter of fact, they are as durable and strong as they are lightweight. According to the manufacturer, the supporting capacity of the Hugo Mobility Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Crutches is up to 300 pounds.


Plus – they come with dual push-button adjustments giving the patient amazing traction. On the other side, the specially added built-in metal ring gives protection against any premature wear. The convenience of the crutches is also guaranteed by the thick cushioned underarm pads, which is why they are 100% suitable for people who have experienced either knee or ankle surgery.

Moreover – the internal ribbing and reinforcement design is fully ergonomic and encouraging for your recovery. All the impact of the body is faultlessly absorbed by the natural sponge padding and here’s what – forget about sweating with these crutches.

Cardinal Health Adjustable Auxiliary Crutch

The reason why we point out these crutches is one true story. A patient with surgery of the knee has started its recovery with ordinary – or with any special extras with them – crutches right in the hospital where usually the models are too old-fashioned and not comfy at all.

It took only 2 days for the patient after wearing the standard crutches in the hospital to experience aches and pain. Plus – the pain wasn’t only in the zone of the intervention, but moved alongside the entire body, mostly the zones that absorb the weight.

We have provided this same patient with the amazing Cardinal Health Adjustable Auxiliary Crutches. It took the patient only 1 day to realize that his recovery isn’t a mission impossible and that he isn’t stuck on the crutches for life, because honestly with the first pair of crutches these are the thoughts that have moved through his mind.


Cardinal Health Adjustable Auxiliary Crutch is a great modern model that also support a maximum weight of 300 pounds and that are also designed in a traditional way as to the construction but in a fully new innovative way.

For instance, the crutches come with foam rubber padding, as well with the revolutionary fitting with Thermoplastic Rubber to help them last longer and prevent peeling.

Thanks to this innovative system you don’t only escape from the severe pain of the recovery, but also experience at full value the tempo of the healing process.

In addition to these, Cardinal Health Adjustable Auxiliary Crutches offer a push-button style adjustment which is literally one of the easiest and meanwhile, efficient ways to adjust the crutches especially for you and for your needs. Last, but not least you will be amazed by the budget-friendly this model of crutches is offered in the stores.

Carex Folding Crutches

And in case you want anything else, but not the old, but gold full-length crutches, here’s the right deal for you – Carex Folding Crutches. The model folds in half at a flash of a second – literally – and it is so comfortable for the patients that about 70% of them claim they haven’t suffered during the recovery at all.

In addition to these, Carex Folding Crutches are super easy to be stored almost anywhere you can think off – including under your car seat! The bad news about these crutches is that they might not be the best idea for the extra tall patients.

Usually, Carex Folding Crutches are recommended for patients that are with a height ranging from 4’11” to 6’4”. If you are somewhere between these measures, trust us, this model is just the right way to go through the entire post-surgery knee recovery you believe will be awful. But with Carex Folding Crutches it won’t be at all.

Push Button Aluminum Crutches By Wes Care Supply

Here’s another awesome alternative for the best crutches for knee surgery: Push Button Aluminum Crutches By Wes Care Supply! These modern and easy to be used strong but lightweight aluminum adult crutches are suitable for patient’s height that ranges of 5’2” to 5’9”. On the other side, they support a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

What we truly appreciate about the model is the non-slip rubber tip at each side. The tips are both: super comfy and durable enough to have no worries about warranty procedures during your knee recovery.

Meanwhile, the additional underarm pads and hand grips provide total confidence during your first steps right after you get up from that operating table.

Speaking of which, today, about 45% of modern surgery specialists who have every operated a knee claim that Push Button Aluminum Crutches By Wes Care Supply are indeed an amazing budget-friendly alternative for fast recovery.

Last, but not least, the special push-button height adjustment technology is enabled at 1-inch increments, while the additional handgrips can be adjusted if you use the wing nut attached.

Medline Aluminum Forearm Adult Crutches

When speaking of a knee surgery recovery it’s always a great idea to take the benefits of those long-term wearing crutches on the market. Indeed, your recovery therapy might be settled for a month or a bit longer / shorter, but the durability and the great support of the crutches for long-term use are 100% recommended for your case.

This is why we cannot skip recommending you a pair of the best long-term use crutches that seem to be one of the best crutches for knee surgery. Here we mean the Medline Aluminum Forearm Adult Crutches.

Proclaimed to be the best crutches for long-term use in the 2017 year, the crutches are, believe us or not, fully at a mute mode. Indeed, they are extremely silent, which might be a good thing for all people with emotional trauma after the injury, as well as the surgery and its recovery.


Yet, the crutches are also truly physically comfortable as they come with internal bushings and external lock nuts used. On the other side, the tapered, vinyl-coated, contoured arm cuffs turn the model into one of the easiest ones when it comes to getting used to crutches in general.

Suitable for maximum weight support of 250 pounds and adjustable to heights of between 5’10” and 6’6”, Medline Aluminum Forearm Adult Crutches might be indeed the crutches you need after a knee surgery.


As a conclusion, we should remind you that not all the models crutches that seem to be comfy and the right models to some patients will be suitable especially for your case. It is a must to do two important things before buying the best crutches for knee surgery. First of all, on mandatory, talk to your therapist to discuss the entire recovery process and make notes as to when, for how long and how in general to turn to the crutches after the intervention.

You’ll be told whether or not you have to keep all weight off the limb or if you can partially weight bear on it. So remember that this is an extremely important piece of advice to follow, no doubts. Second of all, test, test and test! It might take you a while to find the ideal model for you, but don’t give up after the first or the second wrong model you fail with.

People are different and their medical care after surgery (including one of the knee) is different, too. So testing a concrete design and then, a second one might seem to you an endless process. However, once you get on the right crutches for post-intervention recovery, you will know it at once: these are the best crutches for knee surgery especially for you!

We wish you to find the right crutches for you soon and we mainly wish you to recover soon, too! Don’t give up, but follow your therapist’s recovery tips finely and follow the progress of your renovation with your crutches confidently.

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