Wooden Crutches vs Aluminum – Which is the Better Option?

Today’s market of crutches is not just rich in various models and brands, but also friendly when it comes to the individual patient’s preferences as to the material. Speaking of which, the material type is one of the basic characteristics that distinguish different kinds of crutches.

Of course, one material type can be used for a large number of crutches. For instance, there are both: aluminum forearm and aluminum underarm crutches. This is why, sometimes, a patient might find difficulties in selecting the best option as one type has several subtypes and etc and etc….

Selecting the right pair of crutches, however, is a rule number one you should focus on when it comes to the appropriate, comfortable and correct usage of crutches. It is only when you decide which type of crutches suits you at most you can skip to the next stage – finding the right way of using them.

On the global market, there are many alternatives as to the material type crutches can be made of. Though, basically, there are two general material types that manufacturers use to produce crutches these days.

Of course, we are talking about the aluminum crutches and wooden crutches. These days, many companies continue investigating the market for new alternatives like using eco-friendly recycling plastic materials to produce crutches. Though, they might be concerned only as exceptions. The rule is clear: you either choose aluminum crutches, or you go for wooden crutches.

If currently you are mostly concerned as to the material type in your selection for stable and convenient crutches, this material might serve you as a useful guide. As to the question which type is better – the wooden crutches, or the aluminum crutches, it’s always a matter of individual choice and we simply cannot answer you correctly.

Although most of today’s producers will recommend you the aluminum crutches, please, don’t underestimate the wooden crutches. There’s no doubt that wooden crutches might sound a bit old-fashioned at least, but they have their own strong points, no doubts.

This how we eventually come to a couple of significant conclusions. First of all, wooden crutches have come first. They are the old-fashioned retro walking aids that have served the necessity of both: using crutches for long-term, as well as using crutches for a quick rehabilitation.

Just because they are a bit old-fashioned, though, wooden crutches are not out of date. Moreover – they can be an ideal option for various cases just like today’s modern aluminum models are.

On the other side, the second conclusion we should point out is that wooden crutches have their own benefits we should talk about. Some of them are so crucial that in case you are not aware of them, you might select the aluminum alternatives without even realizing how wrong your decision actually is.

Wooden crutches are today’s basic custom made alternatives for crutches. If you love the idea of having custom made crutches, you should go for wooden crutches, no doubts.

Meanwhile, about 65% of the patients claim that wooden crutches are more preferable for quick rehabilitation when the necessity of regular exercises comes. In all cases, wooden crutches are also more durable as wooden material – if being used the right way – cannot compete to any metal alternative.

There’s something else you should know about wooden crutches. The growth of the eco-friendly practice in our everyday life turns the wooden crutches into the better green option. Those, who avoid any artificial goods or materials in their lives, should also select the option to purchase wooden crutches.

We, though, cannot forget pointing out the advantages of using aluminum crutches. About 70% of patients these days use the aluminum option and their decision is driven by the fact that they are lighter, which means more comfortable.

Is this the right approach to choosing the best option when being in dilemma: wooden or aluminum crutches? Well, not the exactly. Let us tell you why.

First of all, lighter doesn’t always mean more comfortable. There are lots of cases when heavier crutches are more preferable. This is why we would recommend the wooden crutches for people with overweight, for example. The weight is simply the top factor you should consider when selecting the right model of crutches.

On the other side, not all the aluminum crutches are lighter than the wooden crutches. The modern industry has already released the first models of lightweight wooden crutches.

And even though these prototypes are still innovations or rare cases we simply cannot find in any traditional store of walking aid, there’s something else you should have in mind. There are aluminum crutches, which seem to be heavier than the wooden crutches. Ok, then why everyone says wooden crutches are heavier than the aluminum ones?

It’s simple! The thing is that about half of the patients nowadays don’t make the difference between the aluminum and lightweight aluminum crutches. In other words, most people believe that all aluminum crutches are actually lightweight crutches, but this isn’t the truth.

Hence, we cannot pass by all those pros the aluminum crutches come with. If we should scale them on the very first position in the chart for the top advantages of using aluminum crutches is the fact they are more adjustable.

Indeed, aluminum crutches come with an easier mechanism for maximum adjustment. It’s obvious that wooden material simply isn’t that capable of adjustment. It’s just not as flexible as the aluminum option is.

On the other side, aluminum crutches are more popular these days. In other words, if you prefer to use wooden crutches you will have to spend twice more time to find more options to choose from in comparison to the alternative – selecting the right model of aluminum crutches.

The eco flow is something we should point out once again. Since the crisis of lack of wooden materials has started affecting our entire life, wooden crutches have become even more expensive, but not just rarer than their artificial aluminum brothers.

It’s many often when a patient finds a pair of wooden crutches in the store – looking quite heavier and not even comfy at all – which though are twice more expensive than the aluminum crutches. It’s because these expensive models of wooden crutches are types of design crutches. On the other side, wood is more expensive than aluminum, no doubts.

Aluminum, even though artificial, shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to crutches. Here are some more pros of using aluminum crutches rather than wooden crutches.

First of all, aluminum crutches are also more stable. In 3 of 7 cases patients with wooden crutches claim they have used to their walking aids very slowly. It took them a longer period in comparison to patients who have never used crutches but preferred to go for aluminum crutches.

Maintenance is another factor we should also point out. Wooden crutches seem to be harder to keep clean, durable and solid. Aluminum crutches are in 80% of the cases too easy to be maintained in top condition (the exceptions here are the cases when the crutches made of aluminum material design or with some truly special options).

Selecting the right model – wooden or aluminum crutches  – however, isn’t the only thing you should consider. There are many cases when the aluminum crutches look like the only logical option, but eventually, it turns out you should better go for wooden crutches.

It is always about two important factors. The first factor is the set of your doctor’s prescriptions and recommendations. On mandatory, talk to your therapist and ask him what option would be the right for you.

The second factor is your individual case. Not only the reason you should walk with crutches but also your personal health condition, your weight and even the sense of comfortableness you experience either with wooden or with aluminum crutches.

Don’t underestimate the availability of both types of crutches on the market. Each of them comes with its own pros and cons and you should individually consider what would suit you at most!

Good luck with your final choice and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or necessity of additional information when it comes to aluminum and wooden crutches, the differences between them and the final decision what to purchase!

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