Freedom Crutch – Revolutionary New Accessory for Traditional Crutches

Right after the post-intervention ache, the worst thing in case of a broken leg or ankle might be only the helplessness of having to walk around on crutches. Though, what if we tell you that there’s a completely new trend on the market that is able to put the traditional crutches in past – forever and for good!

New Trend

Alright, you might find this idea as a part of a sci-fi movie arranged to be released during the next couple of years, but our news has nothing to do with fantastic conceptions. The thing is that freedom crutch does not just exist now, but is also widely spread in both: internet e-store net, as well as in the traditional physical shops for walking aids.

The Revolutionary New Accessory

Have no hesitations to meet the freedom crutch – the revolutionary new accessory for traditional crutches – if you are about to buy yourself a pair of crutches and you have been freaking out for the last couple of days regarding how you are going to survive on that heavy aluminum or wooden walking accessories.

The freedom crutch is something that proves the fast-progressing innovation trend in medicine and thankfully, patients from all around the world, from any type of age or personal health condition can take benefits of.

Significant Information

But let us present you this extraordinary accessory in details. Let us make you a short, but yet, helpful and full of significant information as to the features and the specifications behind the revolutionary freedom crutch accessory.

A New Idea

What is the freedom crutch anyway? Is it a modern pair of crutches few people have already tried? As a matter of fact, it is not. The freedom crutch is not a new conception for crutches. It’s a new idea to wear crutches in a completely new, more convenient way, with freedom in any next movement you make during your short or long-lasting rehabilitation.

Hands-Free Mobility

The freedom is an accessory you can use with almost any type or a model of crutches regardless of their producer, brand, year of origin, functions and so on. The accessory is designed to get attached to the crutch (or both of the crutches) in order to offer something all people with any form of disability when walking dream about – hands-free mobility.

In addition to these, though, the ultra-contemporary and comfortable accessory relieve underarm discomfort minimizing a whole range of negative side effects from using crutches for rehabilitation, as well as for long-term use.

In short, when you add the freedom crutch accessory to your everyday usage of crutches you don’t have to hold your food or ankle up while you are moving anymore. This means you become more flexible, faster and the best part – more comfortable in your recovery process.


Also, we have to add that thanks to the freedom crutch you get the chance for a more simply stowable than two bulky crutches. There’s no doubt that with this innovative accessory you get the desired independence you have been worrying to lose once you get on your crutches.


And now, one more amazing news regarding the freedom crutch accessory – it’s very budget-friendly. Indeed, once you make that little investment you will assure how cost-effective it is as it saves you lots of money for other accessories for more convenience, as well as for additional medical products to treat your skin irritation, bruises, everything you can think about as a side effect from wearing crutches.

If we should determine the scientific and physical essence behind the revolutionary accessory called freedom crutch, we would have to additionally point out a couple of facts. So, first of all, the freedom crutch accessory is a form of padded knee crutch platform attachment.

It represents the simplest approach to getting the freedom for your hands when using crutches. Though, with this hands-free walking on your crutches, you also reduce the risk of severe pain.

Experts in the field claim that the freedom crutch is a chance to let the patients get more self-sufficiency through better use of their arms and hands during a long-lasting or short rehabilitation process.

Being a standard, quite light and storable, this device supports the knee and upper leg with the assistance of a specially tailored, patented and never shown to the medical world type of a platform which easily attaches to a standard crutch – once again without any difference what crutches you have bought or already been using.

Here’s one more strong point of using the revolutionary accessory called freedom crutch. Well, this little, but so helpful thing, as a matter of fact, helps people who have never used crutches before and are about to experience a long or short recovery process to get used to them.

There’s no doubt that during the first days of using crutches patients feel discouraged in 90% of the cases. It’s not only about the pain they have been still going through after the intervention, surgery and etc. It’s also about the emotional dependence and stress they experience due to the fact they feel frustrated from walking with crutches.

The freedom crutch is designed to be easily “joined” to the crutch structure. This is why once you get on the crutch after the intervention and you quickly place the accessory of freedom crutch, you literally receive 50% more comfortableness and willingness to get used to walking on crutches.

As a result of these, you will have a more peaceful, faster and successful recovery. In all cases, this innovative accessory is expected to be recommended by the orthopedic experts in future when a patient needs more support for quick rehabilitation.

Up to then, we appreciate the freedom crutch as a great addition to the recovery kit of accessories alongside the most important among them – the crutch. The freedom crutch is compatible with crutches in case of a broken foot, sprained ankle, foot surgery and other specific intervention of the leg.

The freedom crutch revolutionary accessory is even allowed to be used by kids. It’s all about finding a way to adjust the specific type of the crutches with the height of your child alongside the length of the device.

Last, but not least, note that installing the freedom crutch to the crutch is very easy. The accessory, on the other side, comes in a pack with detailed instructions regarding the installment process. If you buy the freedom crutch in a physical shop, though, we strongly recommend you to ask for assistance from the consultants regarding the entire adjustment process.

With freedom crutch getting more and more popular on the global market of walking aids and accessories, we truly hope and even believe that old-fashioned way to use and walk with crutches is going to be put in past forever. Thankfully, medicine goes so advanced recently, so the entire conception of the freedom crutch might become an amazing base for creating a whole new device that will entirely replace the crutches.

Speaking of which, the freedom crutch might have really inspired lots of enthusiasts from the walking aid manufacturing sphere. We claim that as it wasn’t a very long time ago when we heard about a new device called freedom leg. According to our personal research it has been truly designed with the freedom crutch conception in mind, but the freedom leg, though, involves no usage of crutches at all.

The innovative freedom leg device is just a point of a prototype not spread alongside the global market. However, its existence does depend on the existence of freedom crutch. So, yes, we can freely claim that the freedom crutch is a big deal not only for people who suffer from the pain of using crutches or who find it very difficult to get used to them.


Last, but not least, as a conclusion we would like to warn you to always discuss the adjustment to any accessory to your crutch rehabilitation (including the fully risk-free freedom crutch) with your therapist. Your doctor knows what’s the best way to apply it in your recovery process, so keep yourself informed by specialists when it comes to your health all the time.

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