Best Crutches For Broken Ankle

A broken ankle seems to be a huge trauma. It is, indeed, but when being treated as soon as possible, you will need a maximum of 12 weeks to fully recover. Usually, the treatment includes painkillers if the pain is severe, urgent intervention, which is rarely a surgery, as well as a walking aid.

Walking Aids

When it comes to walking aids for broken ankle rehabilitation, the options are two – a pair of crutches and or a walking frame. Unfortunately, in 80% of the cases, a walking frame does not fit the necessary support required for an injured ankle recovery. This is why we are going back to basics – the crutches.

Soles Aluminum Forearm Crutch- Lightweight, Durable Aluminum;
- Adjustable;
- Eloxal Handle with Comfort Grip;
- Thermoplastic Rubber Tip;
Height - from your elbow to ground should be 40 – 46.5 inches, 99 - 118 cm.PRICING
Danny's World® Push Button Crutches- Lghtweight;
- Durable underarm pads;
- For muscle pain, arthritis, joint pain, broken bones, twisted ankles, etc.;
Small size adjusts from about 4'6" to 5'2".
Medium size adjusts from about 5'2" to 5'10".
Tall size adjusts from about 5'10" to 6'6";
Weight - Supports up to 100 kilos;
Aluminum Forearm Crutch Adjustable by Aid Klaury- The elbow is adjustable in 5 steps;
- 10 level height adjustment, suitable for people of different heights;
- Non-slip grip, comfortable and non-slip grip is more comfortable;
- Durable lightweight interlocking aluminum tubing of premium strength
Measurement from your elbow to ground should be 37 - 48 inches, 93 - 123 cm.;
Weight - Supports up to 136kg / 300 pounds;

Using crutches for a broken ankle should not on mandatory last for 12 weeks. There are cases when the recovery lasts even half of this period of time. The secret behind such a quick recovery, though, is hidden in two specific factors.

Recovery Factors

First of all, it is mandatory to follow your therapist’s instructions – including using the medications he has prescribed you, doing the exercises from the rehabilitation process, and, of course, being totally convenient with your pair of crutches.

And that’s how we come upon the other important factor for a fast recovery from a broken ankle in case crutches are prescribed – the proper, right and top choice for a specific model of crutches. There are lots of models of crutches suitable for a case like that. Though…

The Right Crutches

Today, we are about to disclose to you the best crutches for broken ankle you should definitely take under consideration when discussing the different brands and manufacturers with your therapist, as well as when you are finally in the store or in front of your computer for the purchase of crutches.

Soles Aluminum Forearm Crutch

When you see this model of crutches, you might say “What? That’s too small, light and not stable to support my broken ankle?”. There’s some truth in this statement as, indeed, these crutches are extra light and they are definitely not the biggest you can imagine.

However, the stability Soles Aluminum Forearm Crutch brings is something you will love and be supported by even during the most severe pain you experience during the first days without your painkillers. And that’s not the only benefit you get from the model.


Soles Aluminum Forearm Crutch is also a very comfortable walking aid. Coming with an extra innovative ergonomic grip handle, the crutches allow you to keep your arm at a natural position. Meanwhile, the model lets you support yourself with minimal pressure on your elbow joint and shoulders.

Adjustable and super appropriate for everyday use and even for traveling, the Soles Aluminum Forearm Crutch is, meanwhile, safe and extra secure. Due to the interlocking aluminum tubes, you should not fear of slip or collapse anymore.

Danny’s World® Push Button Crutches


Now, let us make a review of crutches that can be even bought for young people or little kids. Made to fit any height and weight of up to 100 kilos, Danny’s World® Push Button Crutches are of the highest quality. Moreover – the extra light construction of the model provides easiness in every next movement, giving you the comfort you have been looking for once the intervention was made or the treatment started.

In addition to the broken ankle, there are dozens of other medical conditions Danny’s World® Push Button Crutches has been recommended – a twisted ankle, other broken bones in the leg, severe joint pain or arthritis complications. We mention this in order to emphasize the universal form the crutches have so each individual patient’s rehabilitation eventually completes and gets efficient.


Last, but not least, please, be aware that these crutches are accompanied by crutch pads, handgrips, and tips. Danny’s World® Push Button Crutches are extremely lightweight, while their rubber tips keep you away from accidents and risks like slipping on surfaces.

Durable underarm pads and handgrips provide the convenient sense during your walk in the park and the easy to be stored construction allows you to go even for a remote trip.

Aluminum Forearm Crutch Adjustable by Aid Klaury

This 930-123mm (37-48 inch) Handle to Ground Height Lightweight Walking aid accessory becomes one of our top favorite choices for many reasons.


First of all, the Aluminum Forearm Crutch Adjustable by Aid Klaury is produced from durable lightweight interlocking aluminum tubing of premium strength. The arm cuff and the handle, on the other side, bring one innovative material on a pedestal –Eloxal to eliminate the risk of heaviness.

Extremely Ergonomic

Second of all, the model is extremely ergonomic keeping the patient to rely on his own body without putting any pressure. It’s very easy to get used to these crutches. And once the patient does the movements get so natural – just like the posture is preserved to be, by the way, with no extra hardness at all.

There are no risky situations when you are moving along with the revolutionary Aluminum Forearm Crutch Adjustable by Aid Klaury. If you use the crutches properly, you get the guarantee not to sleep or fall.

Of course, note that it takes practice and experience to get faster on your crutches, including during the first painful days of the recovery. Though once this experience comes, you can literally go anywhere you want with this amazing model of crutches.

10 Level Height Adjustment

There’s something else we love about Aluminum Forearm Crutch Adjustable by Aid Klaury and it’s the function for 10 level height adjustment turning it suitable for people of different heights.


Due to the comparably serious trauma, the proper fit is a top factor for fast and painless rehabilitation. Plus – the posture and the height artificially damage when having a broken ankle, so having the chance to keep you literally straight while recovering is a sign for the perfect walking aid.

A broken ankle might take a long time and lots of effort to get back on your feet again. Till this moment you need to get used to the right crutches in order to simplify your life and make it as normal as possible. Of course, the efforts start with the one to purchase the best crutches for a broken ankle.

We would like to remind you that our personal recommendations are not conducted on anyone’s individual health condition. Even if you have already decided one of the models we have presented to you, seems to be the most suitable for you, please, don’t perform the purchase before a meeting and a consultation with your therapist or any medical expert.

Everything significant for your recovery should be always in a close relationship with your therapist’s recovery program and we cannot 100% guarantee you that these crutches are going to be suitable for you. Hence, our practice and studies have shown that in 90% of the cases the models of crutches for broken ankle we have recommended for you actually do a great job for any patient.

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