Best Memory Foam Crutch Pads

Whether you have recently experienced some kind of a leg intervention or your trauma is not that serious, but you still should undertake a long-lasting rehabilitation to feel healthy enough to step on your own feet, crutches are the most logical and common walking aid you are probably prescribed. However, it’s crucial to realize that crutches are not a form of some kind of panacea.

Important Factors

There are too many models and types of standard or not so standard crutches you will find in the store or during your virtual journey along with the different e-stores for walking aids. Whether you are going to be prescribed some special brand or manufacturer, or you are going to select the crutches on your own, there are many factors you should take into considerations.


Though, the most significant one among this factor is the individual sense of comfortableness. It’s important to realize that if some crutches are appropriate and convenient for a patient, it’s not mandatory for them to be that comfy for you.

Comfortableness during rehabilitation while using crutches, however, can be supported with additional accessories to add to your crutches experience. These accessories can either correct the mistake you have done when selecting not the most appropriate model for you or make your suitable crutches even comfier.


And among all of the accessories you can take a look to back up your crutches rehabilitation with some more convenience, crutch pads are the most recommended ones. As to them, there are some facts you should keep in mind:

1. There are different pads for crutches – cushion, memory foam, and many more. It’s up to the patient which one is the right.

2. About 60% of today’s modern types of crutches come with integrated pads. These models are more preferred by the patients as the accessory is considered as an advantage or an extra to the whole set of things you buy with the crutches.

3. Yet, the market is also full of crutch pads you can buy separately in two cases: when you want to replace the integrated pads in your crutches or when you have bought crutches with no pads.

Vive Crutch Pads - Padding for Walking Arm Crutches - Universal Underarm Padded Forearm Handle Pillow Covers for Hand Grips-ESSENTIAL CRUTCH COMFORT:
Crutcheze Premium USA Made Crutch Pad and Hand Grip C-Abrasion resistant;
-UV Fade Protection'
-Moisture Wicking;
Machine Washable;
Black Crutch Pads, Crutch Covers, Cushions Made in USA by Crutch Buddies-Crutch pads designed to quickly eliminate chafing;
-Crutch covers made with medical grade foam cushion encased in soft, durable polar fleece.
-Crutch pads and crutch covers provide instant relief from crutch pain and discomfort;

Attention: not all crutches with pads are compatible with all single pads available on the market. Still, a manufacturer either of the accessories or of the crutches is available to answer your question for this compatibility.

In this material we are going to pay attention to point 3 – or the single purchases of pads for crutches only. We are about to give you a list of the best memory foam crutches pads. But before that, let us tell you a few words about the memory foam crutch pads in general.

Memory Foam Crutches Pads

Crutch pads that are made of memory foam provide pressure relief and support for users with brittle skin type and hand disabilities. They are the most preferred crutch pads. And the best news is that you can find lots of alternatives for such pads all along with the market nowadays.

Though, which ones are the best?

Vive Crutch Pads – Padding for Walking Arm Crutches – Universal Underarm Padded Forearm Handle Pillow Covers for Hand Grips

Made to provide additional comfortableness to a big number of crutch models, this accessory is something you might never want to remove from your walking aid.

Manufactured from soft, high-density foam padding they provide exceptional comfort throughout the day. The moisture-wicking, breathable material is easy to be maintained (it takes only an hour to dry out after washing, by the way) and will not snag on clothing.

Features and Benefits

What this model of memory foam crutch pads also does is to remove the painful pressure during your first attempts to use the walking aid. On the other side, according to the patients in case of a previous irritation, once the pads are installed, the skin problems are either fully eliminated, or reduced.

Last, but not least, we can call these memory foam crutch pads as innovative as their elastic material easily adjust to your hand shape, so they literally can suit any patient’s needs and body structure.

Crutcheze Premium USA Made Crutch Pad and Hand Grip C

This comfortable model of memory foam crutch pads comes with three main benefits.


First of all, they are fully anti-bacterial, which is a feature that prevents you from any skin problem or infection.

Second of all, the pads are extremely easy to be washed and even if you sweat too much during the first attempts to wear the crutches you can easily disinfect them after each walk outdoors.

Last, but not least, the crutch pads are breathable giving you the comfort every patient in rehabilitation needs.


In addition to these features, we should also mention that the American memory foam crutch pads made by Crutheze are fully conducted to the latest trends and the most general standards in the orthopedic sphere, but meanwhile, their design is anatomic and ergonomic.

And to make the idea for Crutheze memory foam crutch pads even clearer, know that they are absolutely easy to be installed. You can complete this task even with no assistance from a specialist. All you have to do is to stretch covers over standard crutch rubber pads, attach hook and loop for an instant fit.

Black Crutch Pads, Crutch Covers, Cushions Made in the USA by Crutch Buddies


Specially made and designed for veteran application at first, this model of memory foam crutch pads has eventually become a universal choice for patients of all types regardless of their trauma, health condition, or a medical case.

Crutch Buddies is a company that literally understands how important comfortableness during rehabilitation with crutches is and the additional line of accessories they provide on the market is great evidence to lean on.

Indeed, Black Crutch Pads are a great choice for you, too, no matter why exactly you need some extra support for your delicate skin or for your unsuccessful attempts to get used to your new lifestyle with walking aid at hands.


The reason why we recommend this model of memory foam crutch pads is not just a single. We can point out at least three. First of all, for instance, the pads are universal and there’s no registered case when a patient could not adjust them to his or her crutch model.

Second of all, Black Crutch Pads eliminate a whole set of discomfort factors once you install them. Forget about chafing, skin irritation, or pressure in your arms. Moreover, if you are already suffering from pain caused by any of these unpleasant experiences while wearing crutches, you can literally use the Crutch Buddies Company’s pads as a cure.

Last, but not least, the comfortableness these pads provide is extended to a full level. We mean you will have no problems in maintaining them – washing is easy and it takes only soapy water and a couple of hours to wait for the foam to dry out.  You can adjust the crutch pads later with two or three actions and it will take a couple of minutes to see them on your crutches again – relieved from pain and enjoying their restored hygiene.


Investing in additional accessories for your crutch experience is a must once you start feeling some kind of discomfort. On the other side, prevention is always a good idea and you can go for a pair of pads even if you feel your crutches comfy enough during your first walks with them.

We would like to remind you that this material is not written by an orthopedic or any other medical specialist. It has only informative essence.

And if you decide to get a pair of pads for your crutches (including any of the models we have recommended you or some other memory foam crutch pad set) please conduct your decision with your therapist.

We also remind you that we are here for all of your additional questions. If you have any concerns or some facts to know more about our tips and pieces of advice, please, do not hesitate to contact us right away. We would be very happy to give you a hand with a hint or more additional information to share with you.

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