Best Crutches For Hip Surgery

A hip surgery sounds like a real thing and what is more important – it’s a serious surgery you shouldn’t worry about, though, but, instead finely to consider the right rehabilitation afterward. It is a must for anyone who experiences a hip surgery to fully follow the medical expert’s instructions as to the post-intervention precautious measures and tips.

The top thing you should keep in mind and strictly follow, though, is the smooth recovery doctor’s directions. Basically, you will be prescribed some painkillers, but be aware that the longer you take them, the longer your recovery becomes.

Carex Folding CrutchesFeatures a convenient folding system to allow crutches to be easily stored.Height - 4'11" - 6'4" (41" - 58") Adjustable.
Weight - Supports users up to 250 lbs.
Better Walk CrutchesDon't hurt your armpits; more comfortable mobility aidHeight – 5'5" - 6'4"
Weight – Supports users up to 300 lbs
Ergobaum Prime 6th Generation CrutchesA new generation of mobility support with enhanced safety, performance, comfort, and elegance.Height - 5'0"- 6'6" Adjustable.
Weight - Supports up to 360 lbs.

What crutches to use?

On the other side, the right physical activity afterward will help you overcome the pain and all the inconvenience you might experience after the intervention. How will I walk? Should I reduce the mobility? Are there any special treatments for a fast recovery?

All of these are questions you might be asking yourself after a hip surgery. But the top question you should answer immediately is what crutches to use.

Speaking of which, using crutches after hip surgery is, by all means, top recovery doctors will prescribe you. Basically, in 99% of the cases, patients do use crutches after a hip surgery. So now you might be in the same situation, as well.

The period of time within the crutches are necessary varies and depend on the individual patient’s case. In most cases, the crutches are used for the first 6 weeks after the surgery was performed.

6 weeks isn’t a short period of time. This is why buying the best crutches for hip surgery is a must. It’s a process you should approach very reasonably, wisely and according to your personal condition.

In this material, we are going to offer you a list of the best crutches for hip surgery. Please, keep in mind that if your doctor has already recommended you a model or a type of crutches, but you prefer to use any of our options, it’s a must to discuss your preferences once again with a medical specialist.

Carex Folding Crutches


Carex Folding Crutches might be the ideal crutches for hip surgery. No matter what recovery you have, if you are on therapy with crutches included, the biggest problem might be the portability.

Some specific crutches models are hard to be carried around, which is why eventually the patient gives up on them or on the idea to go outside of the house.

Heavy crutches limit you a lot. This is why using lightweight crutches is a must in all cases – including if you are looking for the best crutches for hip surgery. If you insist on such a model and look for a really modern decision, we definitely have a great offer for you.

Meet the Carex Folding Crutches that are totally amazing for hip surgery. With a weight of only 5 pounds, all those worries as to how you are going to carry around your crutches are put to an end. Plus – the lighter the crutches you use are, the less your hips will be overburdened.

This is a very important factor to keep in mind when choosing the best crutches for hip surgery. The more your body is at comfort, the shorter the recovery process will last. And we mean the body, we mean the whole body, not only the zone the intervention was performed at.

Carex Folding Crutches are designed to give comfort to various patients, including those, who have recently experienced hip surgery. They cause no hassle. And they are suitable for patients of different height – you can shorten them all the way down to 4.11 inches.

Better Walk Crutches

Now, let’s talk about better walk crutches for hip surgery recovery. What if you need some crutches that mix both – modern design and classical functions for extra comfort? If so, then you might like our next offer for the best crutches for hip surgery.

Better Walk Crutches is the model you will love and get used to quite fast. These crutches come with a standard conception for solid, stable and balance-keeping structure, mixed in a totally contemporary and revolutionary technology that lets the body distributes the weight pressure when walking, standing and even when overcoming obstacles like inconvenient surfaces to walk on.

Better Walk Crutches, by the way, have been already promoted by big media channels like CNN and Forbes. Moreover – we have seen them even in the White House. All of those cases include a mention for the model to be fully suitable for hip surgery recovery.

Better Walk Crutches are suitable for people of height from 5’5″ up to 6’4″. In addition to this, the model comes with a weight limit of 300 pounds, which is complete enough to suit almost all patients. The structure conception of the forearms lets the pressure to go away – including in the wrist zone.

Better Walk Crutches have a specially tailored patented design that embraces lots of angles of comfort. The standard looking side crutches work to support you by cradling your side rather than jabbing at your underarms.

Ergobaum Prime 6th Generation Crutches

Last, but not least, Ergobaum Prime 6th Generation crutches might suits your hip surgery recovery ideally. Ergobaum Prime 6th Generation Crutches as the name of the model hints is a model of crutches that symbolizes the innovations in crutches manufacturing and distribution spheres.

Indeed, the crutches are totally unique, with modern design and lots of extras that can suit your post-hip surgery recovery needs.

For instance, this model of crutches comes with reflecting on the price point of this crutch. It is the latest of great products produced by Ergobaum.

Moreover – you might be totally thrilled by the idea that Ergobaum Prime 6th Generation Crutches were designed by a surgeon. So if you have had surgery, including on the hip, what else would be a better solution than using crutches designed by surgeons?

A big amount of the parts that are incorporated in Ergobaum Prime 6th Generation Crutches are adjustable. The crutches fit heights from 5′ up to 6’6″.

If you notice, the legs have a different style of the bottom than standard crutches. This shock absorbing technology makes walking on the crutches much more comfortable and smooth.

If you are wondering about the extraordinary thing in Ergobaum Prime 6th Generation Crutches and what the patented design is about, here’s the part you’ll figure it out. The design simply takes away impact from multiple different angles.

This is why the crutches are totally ideal for those of you who have just had hip surgery. You can wear them right after you get back home after the intervention.

Ergobaum Prime 6th Generation Crutches eliminate the pain that is typical when using crutches at all. In addition to all of these extras, keep in mind that the model comes with lots of safety features, too.

For instance, Ergobaum Prime 6th Generation Crutches have a safety horn, nightlight, and reflectors. The grip cushion is also adjustable. No other crutch has this type of feature. That’s why this model is totally unique.

And no matter how higher the price is, many patients might consider it as senseless as the comfort after the intervention is put on a pedestal.

Yet, it is a must for us to tell you that the model comes with a very decent and reasonable price. It is higher than the standard crutches suitable for after surgery period, but the increase isn’t more than 30%. So, yes, it is worth it to pay a bit more, but receive quite more comfort.

With a built-in knee rest platform, Ergobaum Prime 6th Generation Crutches totally become everything you need for a faster recovery. Add to this great feature all the adjustment options that make allow for these crutches to fit almost any person with a weight limit of 350 pounds, and you might be the right solution for you.


As a conclusion, we would say that the best crutches for hip surgery might be also the crutches you use the right way. The way you wear and walk with the crutches is the main factor for your overall comfort during the recovery process.

For instance, it is a must to move your recovering leg and crutches forward at the same time. Keep this same leg lined up with the crutches, too.

Here’s one more solution for maximum convenience when using crutches after hip surgery – always make small steps and never forget to look right straight ahead.

We truly wish you a very fast, painless and positive recovery after your hip surgery. We hope we were helpful enough with your suggestions for the best crutches for hip surgery. Don’t hesitate to contact us for additional assistance or questions.

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