New Types Of Crutches

Crutches represent the most standard, often used and popular form of walking aids. Researchers say that canes or walkers cannot even try to leave the crutches behind when it comes to the most bought piece of disability accessory. However…

The Old Models of Crutches

Are the crutches that perfect so we can accept their convenience for life? Or to be more specific – do the crutches work that finely well or they are as popular as they are nowadays because they have no other alternatives…?

You have to agree (especially if you have used crutches at least one day in your life) that crutches are not that cool. Indeed, they are very significant for a whole tone of cases when rehabilitation of a leg intervention is necessary. But, on the other side, crutches come with a whole bunch of negative side effects we cannot underestimate just like that.

Mobility Designed Crutches- A hinged arm cradle;
- Hand grips that rotate out of the way;
- Flexible armbands;
- Antimicrobial arm pad;
Height - 4’11” to 6’8″ Adjustable.PRICING
Thomas Fetterman Superlite Crutches- Height adjustable;
- Shock Absorbing Absorbalite gel in crutch tips;
- Tornado Gel Tip
adjustable grip to floor from 29-1/2 to 41-1/2 inches and grip to top of cuff from 8-3/4 to 10-3/4 inches.
Weight - Supports up to 300 lbs.
Vail Horton Navigator crutches- Designed for both long- and short-term users;
- Ergonomic design;
- Shock-absorbing technologies;
Height - 5'3" to 5'10"
Weight - Supports up to 300 lbs.

And the worst part about the old, but gold crutches (regardless of their particular model, brand or year of origin) is that the longer you use them, the worse all those side effects become. In other words, the pain becomes more severe, the skin irritation – larger – and the stress of not being able to perform the standard movements you used to be able to perform, even more frustrating.

So there’s got to be a solution for this universal medical problem – how to keep the positive part of using crutches for recovery without, though, experiencing all of the negative consequences they bring?


The question is no longer a tabu or a mission impossible. Now, when the innovations and newest technologies totally make a breakthrough in the medical sphere, we must hope and even see with our own eyes the better version of the standard crutches.

And it’s how several new types of crutches start hitting the market or becoming the glamorous stars in the latest medical conferences. We have, by the way, picked up a couple of such new – innovative, 100% more comfortable and, doubtlessly, more functional – types of crutches you should definitely meet right away!

Meet Mobility Designed Team’s new crutches

The most amazing thing about this completely new type of crutches is that it fully eliminates the pressure, respectively the pain, from underarms and forearms, the traditional load-bearing areas for crutches, and shifts support to the elbows. But that’s not all Mobility Designed Crutches also handle movements to let the patient go and move around totally hands-free!


With the in-built flexible armbands, as well as the specially tailored hinged arm support, this type of modern crutches makes you as light as a butterfly when walking around without even thinking about your disability. There’s also a function for shock absorption your feet are going to fall in love with.

And now the best news about Mobility Designed crutches: the team behind this innovative model has promised to start the mass production of the walking accessory as soon as possible. The first review of the crutches was released just half a year ago, so we truly believe the debut will be soon, too.

Superlite – the custom-made crutches everyone will enjoy

It was back in the previous century when today’s medical genius mind Thomas Fetterman got his shoulder joints inflamed. Due to a long-lasting intervention and medical treatment, he was put in crutches for even longer rehabilitation.


It’s when Fetterman has faced the inconvenience of using crutches for the first time. But the thing is that about 4 decades later the doctor continues being attracted by the idea to make wearing crutches more comfortable. This is how Fetterman started his journey aiming to find the formula for a design of the most convenient universal crutches.

What he eventually discovers is that there’s no formula and there’s no such a thing as the best and most comfortable crutches for everyone. Fetterman, instead, dedicates his medical career into providing absolutely 100% high quality and adjustable custom-designed crutches. Or in other words, this is how the Superlites crutches model arrives into this world…

B-2 Technology

Superlite uses the so-called patterned B-2 technology which makes it possible for considering the best form, structure, size, and set of functions crutches would suit one individual customer. The technology chases the needs a patient needs and eventually a formula is put into force to make the conception of the newest custom-designed crutches this same patient would wear and use.

Navigator crutches – simply a gorgeous piece of extra comfy crutches


When Vail Horton was born, the doctors literally ruined his parents’ life. The baby was born without legs, but no one would even think about how stronger these tiny disabled kids eventually become. And Horton is the example we all should look attentively at…

Horton has replaced and changed a whole dozen of devices for walking and moving during his life without realizing that at the beginning of 21st century he will become able to produce his own pair of crutches, a completely new type of crutches.


The Navigator crutches are unique for the fact that they come with a solid-core polymer shock system to help prevent shoulder osteoarthritis and to reduce stress on the back, shoulder, wrist, and elbow. The polyurethane tube expands and contracts as the crutch strikes the ground, absorbing and dissipating the force.

On the other side, the crutches are backed up with contoured underarm support is designed to increase blood circulation, reduce numbness and risk to the nervous system, and also to help prevent shoulder osteoarthritis.

Sit and stand – a new type of crutches or a completely new type of walking aid

It’s hard to determine this amazing innovation. At one side, Sit and Stand is not exactly a new type of crutches. However, on the other side, it has been designed and made with the inspiration of the most comfortable crutches conception in life.


Sit and Stand is a revolutionary device – walking aid – that might put the traditional crutches in the past forever. What’s the big deal in this piece of disability accessory? It’s not a single one, guys…

This device is not a pair of crutches that rely on your upper body to support the weight of your leg, but an accessory that simply hangs the weight of your calf on your quad muscles, thanks to a support system that spreads the weight over the entire backside of your thigh. That means you’re able to sit while wearing it—an invaluable feature during a long recovery.


To move with Sit and Stand the patient is supposed to pull the knee up in front of the wearer using a broad, cushioned piece of plastic, which self-adjusts thanks to a simple hinge system. The patient should do the same thing when wanting to sit down on a chair: once the wearer slouches back, the hinge adjusts to support the entire body weight.


It’s not about watching into the future only when hoping for a really nice and modern (but mostly comfy) pair of crutches. It seems that the future is actually now and all patients from all around the world can literally expect these amazing innovative devices to enter their homes, too.

The idea is to find the right device for you. Just like Fetterman we have mentioned above has figured it out, every individual patient deserves a pair of crutches that suits his or her own needs.

Please, accept this material as an informative article only. Always consider buying any of these models we have reviewed for you (or any other new model) with your own doctor and therapist at first.

Hence, know that these devices are no longer just ideas from sci-fi movies. They are real, they do present in the presence and we are looking forward to be seeing them in the store in order to make detailed reviews for you as soon as possible! You might be hoping, too!

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