Most Popular Electric Wheelchairs For Amputees

The electric wheelchair is one of the most revolutionary discoveries in the sphere of walking aids. Although the wheelchair has been on the market for centuries, it shows the biggest potential to be updated and modernized through the years.

An automotive mechanism is one of the best updates we see in today’s wheelchairs, especially when it comes to satisfying the needs of the patients with the highest medical issues or requirements for care and support.

Foldawheel PW-999UL- the lightest and most compact power chair - the complete power chair weighs only 23.5 kg (51.8 lb) with 2 batteries;
- Intuitive Joystick;
- Travel Bag;
Porto Mobility Ranger X6- TRAVEL LIGHT AND EASY;
2020 Updated Electric Wheelchairs Silla de Ruedas Electrica FDA Approved Transport Friendly Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair for Adults by Comfy Go (Red)- Travel Easily;
- Powerful Motors;
- Easy to Operate;
- Perfect Warranty;

Amputation is such a case. And despite the fact, there are other medical walking aids that might be recommended to the patient with amputation, we see a lot of reasons for him or her to select the wheelchair. And the electric wheelchair is definitely the most suitable choice if seeking maximum comfort and minimum efforts.

Other walking aids vs electric wheelchair in case of amputation?

As we have already mentioned, the electric wheelchair is not the only walking aid you can use in case of amputation. Below we are going, though, to make a comparison between the different alternatives you have and specifically the pros of the motorized wheelchair:

  • Powerchair VS Traditional wheelchair. By all means, the electric wheelchair requires fewer efforts for movements. Plus, it offers you more speed and flexibility, including when it comes to overcoming hard to be passed by uneven surfaces.

  • Electric wheelchair VS Prosthesis. According to the medical specialists the best alternative for a patient, who has an amputated leg, is getting a prosthesis. It’s the closest “walking aid” to normal mobility, plus it reduces a lot of mental issues during the first days and months after the surgery. Unfortunately, though, the stats are against the patients. The medical history every day faces problematic prosthesis “acceptance” of the body.

  • Electric wheelchair VS Crutches. Crutches are highly recommended by physicians. However, the amputation is a delicate surgeon that leaves permanent – even more delicate – mental and physical consequences. The crutches are 100% ok for most of the patients with one amputated leg (for two amputations, the electric wheelchair is the only reasonable choice, of course).

However, the crutches might be in the beginning tough to get used to. Some patients complain of severe pain, discomfort from the body pressure on hands and irritation.

How to choose the best electric wheelchair for amputees?

Please, don’t feel shy or hesitated about getting recommendations directly from your physician. He would know the best what exactly you need. He would know what your body requires right now. You can get a consultation directly by your surgeon, too. Just because he’s job has nothing to do with rehabilitation, he’s qualified enough to give you great directions about the best electric wheelchair.

Meanwhile, we have a couple of pieces of advice for you, too. Here are some fundamental factors to have in mind when buying an electric wheelchair after having an amputation procedure (or a close person of yours did):

1. Avoid buying travel electric wheelchairs as they are temporary alternatives. Don’t mistake them, though, with the modern portable and folding electric wheelchairs that are easy to be carried out on the plane.

2. The size of the wheel is important regarding the surface you pass by. It’s logical that in your case you need something to move along around the whole day. In other words, there’s a chance for your route to take you to a place with obstacles. In this case, taking a wheelchair with a small size wheel is not ok.

3. There are indoor and outdoor wheelchairs. If you cannot afford to buy both of the types, you should avoid taking only the indoor electric wheelchair. In the beginning, you will find some difficulties in moving along with the outdoor wheelchair at home. However, the indoor wheelchair will not last for long (and will not be convenient for you) at the outdoors.

4. When considering the price, don’t, please, go for the first hot deals you see on the web. The discounts are great. But they are not worth it as much as your permanent comfortableness does. You should, instead, make a research on the market. Look for indicators like “the average cost of the electric wheelchair”, “price per bests brands” etc. Fit in your budget without making any compromise with the quality.

Which are the most popular electric wheelchairs for amputees nowadays?

Foldawheel PW-999UL

This model comes with two batteries and two extra warranty years, as well as a nice travel bag included in the price as gifts. The powerchair is described as modern, convenient and flexible. The electric model of Foldawheel has a specially tailored system for fast opening and closing. It takes a second to do the action.


However, the popular thing about Foldawheel wheelchair for the amputee is that it has been described as the lightest and the most compact model in the world. Please, note that it comes with amazing sizes and guaranteed durability within the years: only 43 lbs+3 lbs per Li-ion battery.

But with these pros, we cannot end our list with the things we like about Fodawheel PW-999UL. This electric wheelchair for amputation comes with extra soft seat cushion and backrest cover that are both very easy to be maintained and washed even on the go. Foldawheel armrests can be lifted, so you can sit closer to tables.

And it is strong enough to support your body weight when you need support while in a sitting or standing position. The innovative footrest allows it to be collapsed inward, so you can stand closer to the wheelchair.

Porto Mobility Ranger X6

The model has been specially designed for two categories of patients: elderly with special needs to be flexible and supported without having someone by their sides, as well as people who experienced an amputation procedure.

Although these two “diagnoses” are not so similar, Porto Mobility Ranger X6 makes a functional connection between the requirements and necessities these people have in common.

As a result of such a connection, we see a great and convenient one foldable, 100% portable and ergonomic powerchair with plenty of pros to appreciate.

The giant size of these extra light and fast wheels guarantee you to pass by any surfaces, while the modern mechanism for speed and course change allows you to travel with ease, even from the first day of your ride.


Porto Mobility Ranger X6 for amputees and elderly people comes at a very reasonable and budget-friendly price, especially when taking under consideration its extras such as washable base, simple maintenance, and the super-soft base to sit on.

The innovative ergonomic design allows the shock and pain absorption, which is extremely for people who find difficulties in often standing out and sitting back.

Last, but not least the modern double-motor work easily climb over obstacles and has long battery life. Don’t worry because the power is not enough to move forward. The quality is superb and the materials – of the highest quality you can expect and demand.

2020 Updated Electric Wheelchairs Silla de Ruedas Electrica FDA Approved Transport Friendly Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair for Adults by Comfy Go (Red)

Silla de Ruedas Electrica offers the patients with amputation one very fast, extremely easy to be maintained and driven powerchair with long-lasting two powerful 250W brushless motors and ergonomic design that’s produced on the base of all the latest standards in the field.

However, what’s truly the best thing about this wheelchair and what makes it so popular is the extra silent motor it comes with. Frankly, the ride is like being on a luxurious automobile when you sit in this soft and comfy walking aid.


KWK electric wheelchair hasn’t been made specifically for the needs of people with amputations. However, research has shown that for the last 5 years this model has been picked up by such patients for two main factors: it’s durable and high qualitative, but it’s also one of the cheapest alternatives of its kind on the market.

The battery capacity of the motor wheelchair, by the way, is up to 13 miles traveling with ordinary speed.

Feel free to contact us at any convenient for you time to get some more information or details about electric wheelchairs and their usage in case of recent amputation surgery. Please, don’t forget that all of our materials are written only with information purposes.

We are not physicians or doctors, so don’t take everything we say as recommendations for granted. Always discuss the different walking aids with your therapist or other medical experts in advance.

Good luck with your final selection of a wheelchair specially tailored or suitable for amputees.

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