Best Walking Sticks For Old Person

Recently, we have been discussing the connection between the walking stick and the dog. It seems that both are the same things, it’s just we use them during different periods of our lifetime. Dogs are, indeed, our best friends, but once we get seniors walking sticks replace them.

And we truly love this comparison, because walking sticks for the old person should not be determined as a sign for something wrong or bad is happing to you.

TheFitLife Nordic Walking Trekking Poles- shock-absorbing system;
- soft foam handles;
- height adjustment;
My Cane Standard walking Stick- anti-slipping system;
- fall resistant feature;
- in-build LED lights;
Medline Offset Handle Cane- soft and comfy handle;
- locking ring;
- push button to turn on and off the different options;

On the contrary, walking sticks should be determined as signs of maturity, as well as signs of your personality – even an old guy or lady, you are still always up to some walk, you want to move along and discover new places and things.

But, let’s face the reality – if a dog needs some education to become your best friend, a walking stick should be only suitable for your needs to be always with you on your next adventure.

That’s how we have decided to make this positive and helpful review. It should focus your attention on the best walking sticks for an old person. Meanwhile, we will provide you with some good tips as to how to purchase and select the best alternative.

How to select the best walking stick for an old person?

There’s no matter if you buying one for yourself, or you are making a present (or favour) for a relative, friend, grandfather, your own mother and etc. It’s essential to be attentive during your shopping tour and wise when making the purchase.

But like any other market these days, the mobility aid market is too vast to not let you get lost in the big flood of product assortment. To prevent any mistakes when selecting the best walking stick for an old person, follow our tips:

Feel on it!

1. Never buy the first walking stick for an old person you see or like by its design. Like the book, a walking stick should not be defined by its cover. Moreover – this mobility aid is a thing that becomes part of the senior’s body, so it should look good, but also feel on it.

Buy online as long as you have the option to return the product!

2. Online purchases are ok as long as the manufacturer or the dealer is trustworthy enough to keep the traditional rule of letting you return the product either if you are not satisfied, or the stick is just not right for you.

Correct size

3. There are lots of things you should consider in advance when it comes to buying a walking stick for an old person, but the top significant thing is the size.

If the walking stick doesn’t fit the senior’s height, even if being a first-class product with lots of extras, it just not going to work at all. To avoid such an issue, better opt for an adjustable walking stick.

The handle – the most important part of the walking stick body

4. Now, about the handle – It’s not decor or something that everyone else sees. It’s the most important part of the walking stick body. Make sure the handle is comfortable enough, accompanied by cushions or grids or at least it’s suitable for such upgrades to buy additionally.

Long-lasting usage

5. Seniors are not up to replace things they already have with new ones as long as the current serve their roles finely. This is why it’s better to select a durable and solid enough walking stick.

Of course, there’s no such a thing as an eternal product, but the long-lasting usage is recommended because of one more thing, too – the longer you walk with your mobility aid, the easier every move becomes.


6. Some extras it’s quite amazing to receive with your walking stick: first of all, the shock-absorbing system of the mobility aid, which is an innovation in the industry and which reduces the body weight pressure twice; second of all, things like the mud basket allows you the senior to use the walking stick even on uneven surfaces or wet weather; last, but not least, we strongly recommend you to purchase a lightweight aluminium product, because it’s durable and stable, plus – solid and comfy to wear.

Our picks for the best walking sticks for an old person

Below, you will see our personal hot picks for the most convenient and modern walking sticks that would suit the standard senior’s preferences, body and health condition, lifestyle and desire to experience maturity on the go!

TheFitLife Nordic Walking Trekking Poles

We start with a product that receives the best online rating in independent internet surveys (or statistics in studies) when it comes to solid, good for balance, stable and durable walking stick for elderly people. TheFitLife Nordic Walking Trekking Poles come in a pack of two sticks and many accessories to enjoy for comfy movements and flexible abilities on the surface.


Of course, it has the so-called shock-absorbing system, the feature for height adjustment and amazing, but extra light aluminium body, but what it also has is the determination of “a thing that’s preferred to be used by young people on a hiking tour”, soft foam handles for minimum pressure on hands and even quality money-back guarantee!

My Cane Standard walking Stick

Just because we mention the word standard, does not mean you are right now meeting a completely regular and universal walking stick for the elderly. It’s because that’s the manufacturer has not named the walking stick with any other addition except for the brand name.


However, what you get from this brand is sturdiness, durability, safety, anti-slipping system, fall resistant feature and even in-build LED lights to operate with the product in total dusk with ease.

My Cane walking stick is also recommended for seniors with health issues that concern them while walking, as well as for the fact that it turns climbing up and going down the stairs as easy as a childish game.

Medline Offset Handle Cane


Our last pick for a modern and stable walking stick for old people comes from a reputable company with huge impact and great reputation in the market with mobility aids – Medline.

The Offset walking stick model is with a simple design and modern adjustable system, classical black colour of the solid, but light aluminium body and a patented construction, which centres the user’s weight over the strongest part of the cane.


Of course, these are not all the benefits of the model. Medline Offset Handle Cane has a great push button to turn on and off the different options, absolutely soft and comfy handle even for the most sensitive hands and ergonomic structure for any body shape, weight and height.

For an end of Medline Offset Handle Cane review we should mention its extra safety feature that is a form of a security with a locking ring to provide quiet, rattle-free use.

In short, you basically receive an automotive guide with the cane and going outside of your house without having someone by your side isn’t going to be either a problem or something to get frustrated by.

Ok, guys, that’s the end of the list with our picks for the best walking sticks for old people. We remind you that the list is not made by a doctor or specialist. Our choices were motivated by the reviews left by real customers and ratings we have found on the web.

If you have your own choice for the best walking sticks for old people, do not hesitate to share it with us, on mandatory. It’s all about supporting people in such a condition and reduced movability, so we believe you would be happy to support someone with your recommendation, too.

Do not hesitate to contact us to ask for additional information regarding any of the models or to ask us a question, either. We are here to provide you as many facts as possible and we would be happy to help you.

Last, but not least, don’t forget your therapist’s tips and recommendations regarding a specific walking stick to use, as well as about all the lessons you have learnt with him/her as to how to use a walking cane for the balance!

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