Best Walkers for Elderly

Our today’s material is dedicated to seniors. And our purpose is to present you a top-notched list of the best walkers for the elderly. But before that, let’s say a couple of facts to consider before buying a specific elderly walker model.

What factors to consider when it comes to buying the best walker for the elderly?

First of all, know that there are plenty of different types of walkers. Practically, on the market, you can find:

– standard walkers;

– rolling walkers;

3- or 4-wheeled walkers;

as well as innovative front-wheeled walkers.

However, are these walkers all suitable for an elderly patient? It is an individual question everyone should answer personally depending on his or her needs and preferences and mostly, depending on the patient’s physical condition.

NOVA 24" Zoom Rollator Walker-LOCKING HAND BRAKES;
Medline Heavy Duty Rollator Walker with Seat-HEAVY DUTY STEEL FRAME;
Drive Medical Two Button Folding Universal Walker-EASY PUSH-BUTTON MECHANISMS;
-HEIGHT ADJUSTS FROM 28.75" - 38.5";

Here are the things to ask when buying a walker for the elderly:

1. Where the elderly patient is going to use the walker – is the terrain nearby the house even or uneven and are there any specific obstacles to overcome? And something else – does the person prefers to stay mostly at home or the walker will be also used at the outdoors?

2. What’s the size of the terrain when the walker is going to be used? Or in other words, is the house spacious enough or it is a small apartment and a more flexible and compact mobility aid is needed?

3. Is the walker for the elderly a temporary means of transportation and mobility or you are buying a walker for constant/long-lasting usage? In this case, the solidity and usability are the top factors to have in mind.

4. Will the patient overtake long trips? If the answer is yes, then the walker should be storable in an easy way.

5. Do you have enough space at home to store the walker for the elderly if it is a big one and with lots of accessories to carry along?

What is the best model of the walker for elderly anyway?

Now, we are finally to the core of our material. Check out, please the best models of walkers for elderly for 2019. Please note that this is a subjectively made list and we have formed it based on patients’ opinions and feedback left in the web.

Vive Folding Rollator Walker – 4 Wheel Medical Rolling Walker with Seat & Bag – Mobility Aid for Adult, Senior, Elderly & Handicap – Aluminum Transport Chair

What made is to select this specific model of a walker for the elderly is the fact that it’s 100% super supportive and let the patient find balance very fast. The device is extremely lightweight and can be transferred from one place to another, which makes it amazing for trips.

The durability and the folding feature to store the Vive Rollator walking turn it into a great source for continuing living the normal everyday life. The walker, by the way, can bear up to 300 pounds and it comes with solid aluminum construction with almost a lifetime guarantee.

The ergonomic shape and the innovative brake mechanism present a combo of features that put this walker on a very high position in the chart of the best walkers for the elderly.

Each of the ergonomic handles is angled to position hands in a neutral position, reducing fatigue and allowing easy access to the bicycle-style hand brakes. Wheel locking brakes ensure the device will not move when activated.

NOVA 24″ Zoom Rollator Walker

Super compact, extra practical and available in several shades, the NOVA rolling walker is something an elderly patient will get used to very fast. It quite suitable for any height and it gives amazing support even the mobility is reduced.

You can quickly learn how to walk, sit down and stand up with this walker, although be aware that climbing up the stairs is not suitable for this device. On the other side, though, NOVA’s elderly walker is made to provide extra optimum stability and it’s definitely perfect for both: indoor and outdoor use.

In addition to these, the NOVA’s walker for seniors comes with an innovative patented Lock n’ Load system which lets you lock the device in a folded position, making it much easier to lift in and out of a vehicle or any storage situation. The beautiful metallic paint finish is attractive and long-lasting.


Drive Medical Two Button Folding Universal Walker with 5″ Wheels

Once you see this walker you will figure it out – it’s the best alternative for seniors who are energetic and not ready to retire, but on the contrary, prepared to continue experiencing the everyday lifestyle they have. The Drive Medical Two Button Folding Universal Walker is very lightweight and can be stored practically anywhere you want. Plus – the folding feature allows the patients even to travel with it.

Meanwhile, you shouldn’t underestimate the comfort this walker for elderly brings. We would like to mention you that Drive Medical Two Button Folding Universal Walker comes with fast and easy height adjustment and double stability in comparison to 90% of the walkers these days (yes, regardless the lightweight construction it is designed to carry).

On the other side, Drive Medical Two Button Folding Universal Walker has an innovative rear glide cap allows the walker to glide easily and smoothly over most surfaces. Add to this, the unique vinyl contoured hand grip for added comfort and you literally receive one of the best and, meanwhile, most budget-friendly option for the elderly walker.

Medline Heavy Duty Rollator Walker with Seat, Bariatric Rolling Walker Supports up to 500 lbs, Large 8-inch Wheels

Last, but not least, we finish our list of top rated walkers for elders with a device made by one of the most preferable and reputable walking aid manufacturers these days – Medline. This company’s model is both: comfortable and extra affordable, but let’s take a close look at its finest features to enjoy while moving along conveniently and bravely.

Medline Heavy Duty Rollator Walker is supported with an extra heavy duty steel frame to allow the patients to feel the support and balance they need. In addition to this, the frame can carry up to 500 lbs, which is a definitely smart feature to appreciate.

Meanwhile, Medline’s walker for the elderly has also smooth rolling 8 inch wheels with reinforced spokes for extra strength easily roll on all indoor surfaces and outdoor terrain. Though, you can practically use the walker anywhere you want, including in very tiny spaces as it is flexible and very easy to be operated.

Medline Heavy Duty Rollator Walker is also worth it due to the device storage capacity, but have in mind that the patient is also very eased in storing the walker, too.


Built for comfort, the medical walker comes with an additional extra – unique system for comfy padding of the seat and back support. In short this, the system lets you sit and rest in peace and no concerns after walking.

Last, but not least, Medline’s rolling walker for seniors is very practical regarding maintenance. No matter what shade you prefer to buy, the entire “clothing” accessory of the walker can be easily and quickly removed, washed in any washing machine (including washed manually by soaking) and dries out very fast.


Now, when you see the most preferred walkers for elderly nowadays you can not only select any of them but also see the top features that helped them to classify in the list for the best walkers for elderly. It is a must to always correspond to the patient’s personal needs when buying a certain model of a walker or specific mobility aid.

We would like to remind you that this material has only an informative purpose. It is not written by a real doctor. For this purpose and in the sake of your health and safety, always conduct your concerns about the specific model of a walker for elderly you should adjust to your needs or to your relative’s / friend’s needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have some questions to ask or some need of additional information to receive whether it’s about any of the models we have presented, or of walkers for elderly in general.

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