Best Rollator for Travel

About Travel With Any Mobility Aid (Including a Rollator)

Today’s contemporary and innovative models of different mobility aids are so advanced that having a trip or performing your regular business trips seems to be quite easy and convenient. When it comes to selecting a specific mobility aid, though, most of the medical experts will advise you not to change your everyday mobility aid. That’s why if you are using a wheelchair, it’s better to take your wheelchair and have a trip.

There are, though, some exceptions on the rule. If you are, indeed, more of a wheelchair type, then you might consider having another wheelchair specially tailored for traveling (it definitely refers to people with regular trips and tours). Meanwhile, having a rolling wheelchair – or in short, a modern rollator – is not just a great opportunity for travel, but for your everyday routine, as well.

Rollz Motion 2-in-1 rollator and Transport Chair- a walker that easily transforms into a transport chair;
- stable and safe;
- easy manoeuvrable;
- compact;
Drive Medical Duet Transport Wheelchair Rollator Walker- rollator and transport chair in one unit;
- locking flip-up armrests and flip-down footrest;
- tool-free, two-position contoured padded backrest with a comfortable padded seat and carry pouch for added privacy and security of personal items;
SPRY Travel Rollator- only 16.7 pound;
- folds to pack into the front mounted courier bag;
- adjustable handle height;
- cane holder;
- curb climber;

Selecting The Best Rollator For travel – Tips

Below, we would like to offer you several universal tips to know in advance when you are choosing the best rollator for travel. Note that most of them refer to both: occasional travel lovers and people with any disability problem and with a regular traveling lifestyle.

1. It’s better to choose a model that at first, suits your everyday life and then, your travel needs. After all, the flight lasts a couple of hours, while sightseeing or managing your duties is going to last ten times more.

2. Price is always a must to be considered and examined, but you should not fall in the trap to buy just an affordable rollator. The rollator is actually affordable when it mixes high quality with a competitive rate.

3. If you travel very rarely, you might consider hiring a rollator. There are lots of institutions and charity organizations devoted to normal life with a disability, which would be happy to help you out.

4. Whatever model of a rollator you buy, don’t rush on a trip before having some practice with it around your home place and even on a walk to the downtown. There might be some technical issues or personal disapprovals you will experience with the specific rollator. Having in mind them in advance before the travel will save your experience abroad or wherever you are going to.

5. When you search for a rollator that will suit your travel needs, it’s always great to ask for a piece of advice someone you know to be experienced in such a situation and practice. Moreover – if it’s possible to test someone’s rollator in advance and then, purchase the same model.

The Best Rollator For Travel – Reviews

Below we would like to now present you our hot pick-ups for amazing models of a rollator suitable for travel. Please, note that this is a list we have made with no medical expert’s recommendations. The selection is based on our personal research that includes positive customer feedback both: online and offline.

Rollz Motion 2-in-1 rollator and Transport Chair

What we most like about this rollator is the double function it comes with. It can be a standard, but a quite comfortable rollator at first and then, with a couple of movements only you can transform it into a regular transport chair.

2-in-1 Rollator And Transport Chair

This multi-purpose mobility aid allows you to walk in comfort, rest on a soft-cushioned seat or continue the journey while being pushed in the transport chair position. Moreover, the fabulous Rollz Motion 2-in-1 rollator and Transport Chair is extra safe and super stable. According to our research 75% of the customers who use this rollator actually don’t travel that much, but they have it just because the mobility aid gives them the harmony and balance they need.

As to the model’s traveling abilities, we should point out the great compact structure it has. You can literally store the rollator anywhere at home no matter how big your property is. Plus – Rollz Motion 2-in-1 rollator and Transport Chair comes with an extra light body, while it also offers steering and easy motion thanks to the maneuverable front wheels.

The Rollz Motion rollator has enough free space to carry luggage and things at first need. It’s available in several shades to choose from. However, in all cases no matter what your color preferences are, note that the model is easy and fast to be maintained clean and in top condition.

Drive Medical Duet Transport Wheelchair Rollator Walker

Here’s another brilliant idea for taking your rollator and having on a business or entertainment trip!


Drive Medical Duet Transport Wheelchair Rollator Walker impresses us with its fast mechanism to transform from a regular wheelchair with an extra convenient seat into a transport chair. Locking flip-up armrests and flip-down footrest are used in transport chair mode and are easily removed and stowed away in Rollator mode!

Though, there’s something truly unique about this rollator. Talking to the customers we have asked about using it, they were totally unanimous about the top strong point Drive Medical Company’s rollator has – this wheelchair can pass through any terrain, including the most uneven or dangerous for any newbie in getting his or her life back together after becoming disabled.

In addition to these, Drive Medical Duet Transport Wheelchair Rollator Walker is neither too heavy nor too light to worry you how long it will serve you. The rollator is ideal for long-term usage, but having it even for a ride during rehabilitation worth it any penny you will be extra charged in comparison to having a cheap alternative.

SPRY Travel Rollator

The last model we would like to recommend you is nothing else, but a rollator. It does not transform into anything comfortable to experience during your travel your everyday life. However, SPRY Travel Rollator is just what you are looking for if a trip is on your mind on it’s a crucial and permanent part of your lifestyle.


It’s just SPRY Travel Rollator was made just right for such customers. The model has been designed with the travel and disability at once in mind, while the third element behind the rollator’s conception is the idea for 100% convenience. But let us tell you more about this awesome walking aid.

Suitable For a Long-Lasting Cruise Trip

SPRY Travel Rollator is perfect to get a last minute flight as it’s fast and safe. However, it’s also suitable for a long-lasting cruise trip, because it’s lightweight and easy to be stored completely anywhere. Comfortable in a stateroom, overhead bin or subcompact car trunk, this 16.7-pound rollator comes with adjustable handle height for maximum safety, too.

You will not believe how easy it is to maintain the rollator in top condition. Sometimes, you don’t even have to disassemble it for some cleaning. Get it under a hose and spray some ordinary soapy water and the rollator is shiny and sparkling clean again!


Ok, guys, these were our picks for the best rollators for travel. We remind you that the list is not made by a doctor or specialist. Our choices were motivated by the reviews left by real customers and ratings we have found on the web.

If you have your own choice for the best rollator for travel, do not hesitate to share it with us, on mandatory. It’s all about supporting people in such a condition and reduced portability, so we believe you would be happy to support someone with your recommendation, too.

Do not hesitate to contact us to ask for additional information regarding any of the models or to ask a question, either. We are here to provide you as many facts as possible and we would be happy to help you.

Last, but not least, don’t forget your therapist’s tips and recommendations regarding a rollator to use, as well as about all the lessons you have learned with him/her as to how to make the travel greater!

Have a nice flight and life with your future new rollator, guys!

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