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Crutches are known to be some of the most popular and preferred walking aids. Regardless of the specific disability, short-term rehabilitation program or medical issue a patient has, when a walking accessory is needed, in 90% of the cases the physician will recommend using crutches.

SupreGear  Crutch Hand - Grips Combo- MARVELOUSLY COMFORT FOR HANDS;
CUTICATE Universal Rubber Crutch Hand - Grip- SIMPLY REMOVE;

The crutches are affordable and very easy to be used to. They register quite less often incidents. On the other side, crutches are very preferable by the medical experts due to the fact that they absorb the pain, as well as the patient’s discomforts while during regular everyday things, without depriving him of being physically active and keep a moving body.

Hence, no matter how many pros crutches have, like any other walking aid, they have their own con, too – they might be inconvenient sometimes.

Why do we feel discomfort while using crutches?

Unfortunately, there’s a possibility to feel discomfort even when you use crutches that are determined as some of the most convenient and preferred walking aids. These are the reasons why you might feel pain or any other bad experience why you are on your crutches:

  • You are not used to the crutches yet. Sometimes, the pain is even more of an emotional type rather than an actual physical sensation. Give yourself some time, as well as your crutches to get used. By the way, this is why so many crutch manufacturers are kind enough to extend the period within which you legally have the right to return the product and give your money back.
  • You are not using the crutches right away. That’s a very bad scenario when since the first time you stepped on the ground supported by the crutches has gone lots of time. It’s not late of course to learn the right way to use the crutches, but the longer you have made it wrongly, the harder it will be for you to do it correctly later.

  • Your medical condition requires a different type of walking aid. Although in most cases, crutches are suitable for any disability and long-term, as well as short-term recovery, there are a few situations when you should choose something else, like a wheelchair, cane, and so on. Such a hypothesis, though, is related to a suggestion that the patient has self-initiated to opt for a pair of crutches. The physicians always make primary recommendations about the types of walking aids the patient can choose.

  • The crutches are not ergonomic and cause serious pain. In most cases, the contemporary models of crutches are ergonomic. However, there are, unfortunately, fake products on the market, as well as old-fashioned crutches and such that are of poor quality.
  • Crutches, on the other side, cause ordinary types of discomfort that are determined as normal. In most cases, it’s a matter of long-lasting usage of the walking aid, as well as side-effects, which, though can be overcome by using some additional accessories and tips.

What’s the most common sense of discomfort when using crutches?

Below, we will explain what kinds of negative side effects might occur in case of any inappropriate or wrong usage of crutches, as well as such that are depicted as standard consequences of long-lasting support with crutches for the patient:

1. Pain. Pain can be felt in many areas of the body, including the hand, the shoulders, the arms, the entire leg structure, the back, and even the head or the neck. Every pain zone refers to a specific reason why crutches don’t bring guaranteed manufactured comfort.

2. Irritation of the skin. It’s, of course, appearing on the surfaces of the hands and below the arms. Hand skin irritation is the top reason why so many people opt for buying extra protective ergonomic crutch hand-grips we are about to talk about in detail.

3. Hand or foot tingle. Both are very common if the patient doesn’t use the crutches the right away, as well as when doing everything properly, but for a longer time due to a lack of any protective accessories that increase the sense of comfort. Medically, the tingle can be explained with the nerve damage conditions.

4. Artery problems. They are typical for all types of crutches users and they appear in the zones of the bones and the muscles. Artery problems when using crutches are due to the severe pressure you put on the hands in order to support your body, including the affected leg.

How do the ergonomic crutch hand-grips help?

The hand-grips are specially tailored accessories that are either included in the crutch set or bought additionally by the customer. There’s one more hypothesis so have in mind.

About 90% of the most modern and the hottest models of crutches are with hand-grips. Though, only 54% of them are actually useful. This is why the customers opt for buying an extra pair of high-quality hand-grips.

The hand-grips are important for two mains reasons. First of all, they prevent skin irritation and hand pain. And second of all, the hand-grips minimize the pressure all the bones and muscles feel because the grips are located at the zone where the weight goes through the hand.

Last, but not least, the medical experts believe that the hand-grips provide the patient more comfort that simplifies the hard process for getting used to the crutches.

When you get on the crutches for the first time, it’s better to start with hand-grips, because your entire experience of the learning process might be very demotivating.

Here are the best ergonomic crutch hand – grips

Enjoy our list with the hottest and best rated ergonomic crutch hand-grips. Choose the model you feel like the right for you or instead, share with us the product or the manufacturer you recommend.

Vive Crutch Pads – Padding for Walking Arm Crutches – Universal Underarm Padded Forearm Handle Pillow Covers for Hand – Grips

The soft pad is so nice for touch and durable within the time that it’s even recommended for kids. These hand grips are made by a reputable company anyone with a disability is familiar with. Vive produces extremely modern hand-grips that meet all of the international standards and requirements for high quality, durability, and long-lasting usage with easy maintenance.

This model of ergonomic Vive hand crutch grips is even equipped with an extra accessory – a great pocket for the top things you need to literally have at hand. The grips are super easy to be installed and then removed to sanitize. The model fits any type of crutches and even if your crutches are not made by Vive, you can use them with Vive’s hand-grips.


Waterproof and pain absorbing, these ergonomic crutch hand-grips are innovative for the fact that they are made with six strong loop fasteners. They provide extra protection against slips and accidents. Last, but not least, the customers claim that when switching to Vive’s hand-grips they began feeling more stable during walking.

SupreGear  Crutch Hand – Grips Combo

Available in a budget-friendly set with durable pads, these washable and water-resistant hand-grips are ideal for everyone who cares for the highest quality and doesn’t want to change the hand-grips every month to enjoy smooth crutches experience and movements. The set is ideal as a starting kit for all who are meeting long-term rehabilitation. The experts recommend the grips for kids, too.

SupreGear ergonomic crutch hand-grips offer fantastic and guaranteed comfort for hands, as well as fast stress and pain reduction. The grips are very simple to be attached and they come in a universal shape and size to fit any model of crutches. SupreGear grips are manufactured by premium soft memory foam, which is 100% breathable to avoid irritation and sweating that is, by the way, risky for accidents and slips.

CUTICATE Universal Rubber Crutch Hand – Grip Covers Hands Replacement Pads – Gray

We intentionally offer you this average, modest, but hence efficient and secured model of hand-grips. It’s a budget-friendly alternative that can be recommended to any crutches user. Our goal is to prove to you that an averagely cheap pair of hand-grips are better than no grips when using crutches, especially for a long time.

But don’t get us wrong. CUTICATE Universal Rubber Crutch Hand-Grips are made of high quality and durable materials that will not let you down. They are soft and nice for touch. The application is as easy as a childish game – you just slip each grip through the crutch, wash it and wait up to a couple of hours to put it back on its place.

If you have any questions about using or choosing the best ergonomic crutch hand-grips, please, never feel shy or doubtful about contacting us.

We will be happy to assist you with additional information. Please, don’t forget that our materials are not written by real medical experts. Our only purpose is to inform you about the different walking aids and disability problems.

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