Best Crutches For Fibromyalgia

The global market is full of various modern, good and not that good mobility aids. Some of them might be designed in a way to serve multiple purposes, which is why we consider them as universal.

Vilgo Modern Non-Slip Adjustable Pastel Crutches- produced by epoxy-coated anodized aluminum;
- soft-grip handle;
- unique and modern colors;
NRS Healthcare Double Adjustable Crutches - Plastic Handle- extra durable;
- two specially tailored systems;
- extra-ordinary shape in a triangle;
Invacare Safe In Crutches- extra budget-friendly price;
- suitable for extra tall people;
- extra light, easy to be carried around;
- double adjustment system;
Ergobaum 7G Adjustable Folding Ergonomic Shock-Absorbing Crutches- pressure-absorbing feature;
- LED flashlight for safe walking at night;
- knee pads;
- adjusting system;
- Ergocap pivoting all-terrain mega-grip ferrules;

However, others are basically specific for their applications and in most cases, the criteria are the concrete disease they are compatible with. The same goes for the crutches, which, as a matter of fact, are fantastic and very suitable for the medical condition called Fibromyalgia.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals.


Symptoms sometimes begin after a physical trauma, surgery, infection or significant psychological stress. In other cases, symptoms gradually accumulate over time with no single triggering event.


Though, this disease can be put in remission and most of the symptoms – overcome. Usually, the treatment includes medications and physiotherapy. Before the full recovery comes, it is a must to use mobility aid to continue your everyday life.

What types of mobility aids, besides crutches, are suitable for Fibromyalgia?

To ease the frustration of the pain and stiffness, fibromyalgia sufferers can use specifically designed products such as self-binding shoelaces, extra-long shoe horns, warming aids, and support cushions.

Pain and fatigue can be a serious and a cause of immobility, which can lead to poor quality of life. To help the effects of this, walking sticks, crutches, and walkers, amongst many other aids to mobility are great.

How to use crutches with Fibromyalgia?

It is a must to at first consider the exact type of crutches you need to simplify your life if being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Meanwhile, a pair of soft padding items is a great idea to reduce the pain when getting used to your mobility aids.

Here are specially tailored tips to consider when walking with crutches:

  • First of all, put the left crutch in front of your body and the right foot forward at the same time
  • Now, put the right crutch ahead of you, as well as the left foot forward at the same time
  • Never underestimate the phase of your treatment or the stage of Fibromyalgia you are diagnosed when being for a walk with your crutches. On mandatory, try to move along smoothly and even surface.
  • Avoid any sandy, grapy and uneven surfaces. Plus, wet surfaces might be extremely dangerous for you in case you haven’t used to your crutches yet.

The list of the best crutches for using with Fibromyalgia

Please, feel free to take the benefits of our own hot pick-ups for the most suitable and compatible crutches with Fibromyalgia diagnose.

We have tried to select the ideal mobility aids for you in case cane is not allowed to be used by your therapist, while wheelchair seems to be too frustrating and invalid-related.

Here are the best crutches for Fibromyalgia according to people’s reviews on the web.

Vilgo Modern Non-Slip Adjustable Pastel Crutches

As we have said you a bit earlier, it’s essential to be extremely careful when walking on dangerous surfaces, because in your medical case slipping is a very possible accident to occur to you. That’s why Vilgo’s pair of crutches for Fibromyalgia is just the right thing for you as it has pivoflex patented technology that protects you from slipping in 99% of the cases.


In addition to this, the model is produced by epoxy-coated anodized aluminum and comes with a minimum weight of only 1 kilo (the whole pair). The handle is comprised of plastic with a soft-grip handle and features a curved underside so that you can hang the crutches off your arms and other things when not in use.

Modern colors

Coming in a range of unique and modern colors, these crutches are a welcome change from boring NHS crutches, bringing both colors, style, and ease of use to the table.

NRS Healthcare Double Adjustable Crutches – Plastic Handle

Suitable for almost any kind of a medical history and rehabilitation process, NRS crutches are totally worth it and people with Fibromyalgia definitely appreciate them, as well.

Comfort and Stability

The reason we love this model of mobility aids is mostly hidden in the fact that it’s extra durable, gives amazing comfort and stability from the 3rd attempt to walk with crutches (based on patients’ reviews).


On the other side, the crutches are easy to be adjusted as they come with two specially tailored systems to make anybody structure supported enough by the whole mobility aid pair. The extra-ordinary shape in a triangle brings protection against uneven surfaces, while the simple to be grabbed with no risk of irritation handles is extra convenient for any height, including for extra tall people.

Invacare Safe In Crutches

Invacare Safe In Crutches is a model that fascinates with extra budget-friendly price, super awesome design and wait to hear the best news – ideal structure to support people with early to the late phase of Fibromyalgia.


The crutches are also suitable for extra tall people, as well as patients with overweight that need extra support for the pressure on hands due to body weight.

Maximum Comfort

We also love these crutches because they are extra light, easy to be carried around and according to the patients super easy to be maintained and ideal for long-term usage. Invacare Safe In Crutches provides anti-rattle screw for maximum comfort and quietness and convenient double adjustment system.

Ergobaum 7G Adjustable Folding Ergonomic Shock-Absorbing Crutches


One of the worst parts in Fibromyalgia diagnoses is feeling weak and your muscles hurting during the extra high physical job to perform. Sometimes, even walking gets painful.

Pressure-absorbing feature

This is why the crutches you should use when being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia is a must to offer some pressure-absorbing feature. Usually, the market for mobility aids calls it a shock-absorbing model of crutches.

Shock-absorbing model

Our last hot pick-up for crutches suitable for Fibromyalgia is just what we are talking about – a great pair of shock-absorbing crutches.

It’s made by the quite popular and reputable company Ergobaum, whose team is full of medical specialists and scientists ready to design model of crutches suitable for various types of diseases and traumas. Well, we guess they did their job greatly regarding people with Fibromyalgia, too.


The model has LED flashlight for safe walking at night, as well as fantastic knee pads for maximum comfort. Meanwhile, the adjusting system lets you use the crutches even if you have overweight or you extra short / extra tall. Last, but not least, the absorbing system comes with one more innovative option called with Ergocap pivoting all-terrain mega-grip ferrules.


Now, when you see the most preferred crutches for people with Fibromyalgia nowadays you can not only select any of them but also see the top features that helped them to classify in the list for the best walkers for elderly. It is a must to always correspond to the patient’s personal needs when buying a certain model of crutches for people with Fibromyalgia or specific mobility aid.

We would like to remind you that this material has an only an informative purpose. It is not written by a real doctor. For this purpose and in the sake of your health and safety, always conduct your concerns about the specific model of crutches for people with Fibromyalgia you should adjust to your needs or to your relative’s / friend’s needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have some questions to ask or some need of additional information to receive whether it’s about any of the models we have presented, or of crutches for people with Fibromyalgia in general.

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