Best Crutches For Amputees

Amputation of the lower limb requires a long-lasting post-recovery process to go back to normal life.

However, the decent rehabilitation program, the quality attendance of skillful physicians, and the support you will get from your relatives and friends will make this process smoother and less painful. Meanwhile going back to normal might right now sound to you absurd.

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However, it’s not just possible, but mandatory to use your entire will and inner power to achieve it. And crutches are going to be your best friends in this lifetime goal.

Using crutches after amputation – mission possible!

The truth is that no specialist will prescribe the patient with an amputee to use specifically crutches, but nothing else. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to opt for a wheelchair or some other walking aid.

However, many psychology experts claim that amputation is a sensitive medical surgeon, which eventually causes lots of emotional traumas based basically on the sense of not feeling the same again.

This is why driving a wheelchair might not be the best idea, while using crutches gets the patient as close as possible to feeling normal and the same again.

Crutches are prescribed, though, once the patient becomes ready to use them. Practically, it’s when the patient becomes mobile again.

There are lots of tips and recommendations a person with an amputee should have in mind when it comes to crutches. After a consultation with your physician, you will be provided with a lot of things to have in mind.

However, below we will also list some things to have in mind when using crutches after leg amputation:

  • When you stand, begin moving with the crutches about 12 inches in front of you. It’s going to help you avoid the first shaking, which is, by the way, completely normal and everyone goes through it.

  • Adjust the hand grips on mandatory and in advance. Don’t worry, nothing is going to break or fall apart, so press down vigorously. The crutches are made to support even people with overweight. However, you need to use your upper body part – especially the hands – for extra support, too.

  • When you make your first moves, don’t forget to keep your healthy knee slightly bent. This is how you will not let the entire body pressure to behold only by one of your body sides.

  • Walking on crutches with an amputation is as hard as walking on crutches after having your leg broken. What we are trying to tell you is that you shouldn’t demotivate during your first failures and unsuccessful attempts at this type of walking aid.

How to sit down while using crutches with an amputation?

It’s a procedure many people face with fear when they should perform it for the first time. However, there’s nothing so scary or risky about it at all. Just follow these steps and you will easy steps and you will get used to sitting down with crutches in case of an amputee:

  • Find the most comfortable position next to the chair.
  • Make sure your residual limb is not in stress. Then, slowly push it forward.
  • Grab both of the crutches confidently. If this is your first time, hold them strong, and keep them on the side of your residual limb.
  • Take the armrest by helping yourself with the freehand you’ve got. Better choose the active (right in most cases) hand for more solid support.
  • Lean your body a bit to get the position of the chair and carefully push your body in order to slide gradually and get a stable position.
  • Make sure to repeat the same steps, but backward, when you want to get up.


How to choose the right model of crutches in case of limb amputation?

Please, note that in the case of recent amputation surgery, you can opt for both – forearm and underarm crutches. It’s up to you which one to choose, but we strongly recommend you to give a try both of the types to consider how convenient each of them is.

On the other side, follow these tips to choose the best crutches for amputation:

  • Measure the right size of the crutches. Most of the models are adjustable, so even if you make a slight mistake, you can correct the suitable measurement for your height.
  • Conduct your weight with the crutches. There are specially tailored crutches that are suitable for people with overweight.
  • Make a research in advance on the average price per pair of crutches (both types). Of course, it would not be very wise to buy the cheapest model as you risk to meet poor quality.

The best crutches for amputees – reviews

Carex Folding Crutches

Carex has been one of the leading companies for walking aids and accessories for years. The company’s assortment of products has been always determined as vast due to the fact that it consists of goods made specifically for each individual patient’s needs. The Carex Folding Crutches are made for such special cases, including for people with recent amputation.


This pair of heavy-duty and durable folding crutches are made of aluminum, which although light to be lifted, even when feeling enormous pain, can last for quite a long time.

Carex Folding Crutches are determined by the customers as the best crutches for going to work – everyday usage – as well as for travel. This is why we can definitely claim that they are great for amputees.

The crutches, on the other side, are very convenient to be used as they are produced to suit the needs even a child with a disability or in rehabilitation can have.

The crutches fold up easily, perfect for traveling, or taking on an airplane. Carex Folding Crutches fit easily for storage in the airplane overhead compartment once folded up.

Ergobaum 7G Adjustable Folding Ergonomic Shock-Absorbing Crutches (Pair)

Our last choice comes from Egobaum – the trustworthy company for walking aids that’s popular for its super sense of what comfortableness is.

Ergobaum 7G is a modern and sophisticated pair of crutches that save for being adjustable for any height and backed up with a great folding mechanism, suits any patient’s need in case of a recent amputation surgeon, including if the pain is still available.

The thing is that these crutches are known for their revolutionary shock and pain absorption system.


Ergobaum 7G Shock absorbing crutches are in addition to these, equipment with extra modern and cool LED flashlight, and the batteries are always generously included in the pack.

Thanks to these adds-on the safety is guaranteed in a combination with the built-in reflectors on the handle and cuff.

It’s very important to mention that the crutches are quite budget-friendly and Ergobaum is famous for its brilliant discount policy for both: new and existing customers.

If you are looking for crutches to use with an amputation and have more questions, we are here!

Ok, dear readers, that’s the end of our list with the best crutches for amputees and the most useful tips you can get for your first steps with them.

Please, don’t forget that everything you have just read hasn’t been written by a doctor or a medical specialist. Our choices were motivated by the reviews left by real customers and ratings we have found on the web.

If you have your own motivated pick-up for the best crutches suitable for amputees, do not hesitate to share it with us, on mandatory.

It’s all about supporting people in such a condition and reduced portability, so we believe you would be happy to support someone with your recommendation, too.

We wish you luck with your first steps on the crutches. Never give up and soon it will be much easier for you. Keep in mind.

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